Video SEO: Getting it Right

Videos, properly submitted, are more likely to generate a first page Google ranking than traditional SEO techniques. However, many companies are ignoring video SEO altogether, only submitting the pages on which videos reside and not the videos themselves.

Video SEO is a powerful tool, and should be part of the marketing arsenal of all online publishers. However, successful indexing requires a specific implementation for each individual search engine, and can best be enhanced by submitting videos and pages in parallel.

Your video can be a powerful enabler, but it’s crucial to make sure that links will point back to your website, ensuring traffic arrives at your destination. Done right, video SEO can increase search engine performance and provide a powerful new marketing tool for your organization.

When a video thumb is served in a search engine results page, the way people interact with that page changes. A video result in position 4 or 5 may get a better click through rate than a non-video result in position 2 or 3. Video adds a whole lot of value, so the chances of it being included and getting clicks are high.

As search engine results continue to become more diverse, and the devices on which people search more suited to rich content.  Video offers a potential benefit for nearly every business.

About QUEProductions

QUE Productions provides video and television production, interactive media and web based solutions to hundreds of the tri-state area’s most successful industries and businesses. Comprised of some the most diverse technical and creative people in the industry, QUE develops high impact multimedia solutions, produces television commercials and shows, video for the web, and provides award winning creative services. QUE's creative team approaches each client's needs with a uniqueness and passion that enables QUE to continually produce stunning results that work. With customized film crews and unsurpassed post production editing, QUE assists businesses, advertising and marketing companies, network executives, and government agencies in developing strategic programs from script to screen. Give us a call Today at 631.422.6755 for a Free consultation.
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