Viral Advertising: Where Does Your Brand Stack Up?

Remember the days when a commercial break automatically had you reaching for the remote to switch channels? So why have branded video ads attracted more than 800 million views–this year alone?

Admit it. You click.

Maybe you’re one of the 6 million who watched this and sent the link to your friends.
Old Spice Guy ad

Or maybe you posted this on Facebook. Twenty-three million watched that one.
T-Mobile Royal Wedding Spoof:

Old Spice and T-Mobile?  They’re ecstatic with the results.

CNN says mainstream advertisers are only starting to wake up to the potential of viral advertising as a big-time marketing tool. Spending for online video advertising is $1.97 billion this year, according to the media analysis firm Visible Measures, and the company predicts that number will rise to nearly $6 billion in 2014.  There’s even a weekly Top 10 Viral Video Ad chart chronicling the top-performing brand-driven campaigns.  That’s how important viral videos have become.

Old Spice and T-Mobile may have had big budgets, but viral advertising is really about big concepts.  I know because we’ve helped companies of all sizes and on a variety of budgets get people’s attention on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Getting a message to go viral is about engaging the viewer, developing a relationship, optimizing the video for search engines and driving people to talk about it.

So where does your brand stack up?  Do you have the market’s attention?
Are consumers texting, Tweeting and posting your ads?

Let’s talk about how QUE Productions can get the market talking about your business.
Call 631-422-6755 or click to get the conversation started.

About QUEProductions

QUE Productions provides video and television production, interactive media and web based solutions to hundreds of the tri-state area’s most successful industries and businesses. Comprised of some the most diverse technical and creative people in the industry, QUE develops high impact multimedia solutions, produces television commercials and shows, video for the web, and provides award winning creative services. QUE's creative team approaches each client's needs with a uniqueness and passion that enables QUE to continually produce stunning results that work. With customized film crews and unsurpassed post production editing, QUE assists businesses, advertising and marketing companies, network executives, and government agencies in developing strategic programs from script to screen. Give us a call Today at 631.422.6755 for a Free consultation.
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